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Shield T3 Wastewater Testing

Sample collection and advanced data analytics to protect schools, businesses, and communities

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In under 24 hours, detect respiratory viruses like Influenza, RSV, and SARS-CoV-2.

For use in all population sizes — dormitories, campuses and entire cities

How Testing Works

Viruses that cause Flu, RSV and COVID-19 are shed in human waste
Our experts collect wastewater samples at the optimal time and place
We analyze the sample data for key insights
We create an action plan so you can make informed decisions that protect your community

We collect samples on-site

After conducting your free assessment, our experts will determine the optimal testing frequency, methods, and location, and then seamlessly install our sampling infrastructure.

We deliver accurate results in 24 hours

Our laboratory excellence means you can take immediate action to interrupt the spread.

We provide a dashboard and playbook

Our intuitive dashboard provides real-time data so you can make informed decisions — fast.

Experts Insights + Real-time Dashboards

Daily Trends in Number of COVID-19 Cases in the U.S. Reported to CDC

Source: covid.cdc.gov/

The Triple Threat: Influenza, RSV and COVID-19

As we progress into the colder months, it is critical to stay on high alert as the prevalence of COVID-19, Influenza, and RSV have emerged to more threatening degrees of concern than years prior. Respiratory diseases are commonly spread via droplets typically spread from person to person. With the increased prevalence of three respiratory diseases, it is more difficult to accurately diagnose individuals and provide proper guidance on treatment methods and ultimately minimizing viral spread impact. In addition, as we tend to congregate indoors during this time of year, the likelihood of spreading these diseases increase at a staggering rate.

Wastewater testing solutions from Shield T3 act as an early warning system, allowing you to detect and manage viruses that cause these respiratory diseases. Wastewater testing in tandem with Shield T3’s individual diagnostic testing empowers institutions and communities to take the most effective course of action to improve public health and minimize the risk of operational impact.

Identify hot spots and contain outbreaks days before cases spread

Our customizable, intuitive dashboards pinpoint effective interventions
Our data visualization options include:
  • Geographic heat maps of known detection
  • Status by sample site
  • Trend analysis of Gu/L over time
  • Action plan tracking

Playbooks for All Population Sizes

Viral Testing For K-12 Schools

Our PCR viral wastewater testing for schools is efficient, non-invasive, and eliminates the administrative burdens associated with individual diagnostic testing. We execute every step, including assessment, sampling setup and collections, testing, and reporting of data. We work with you to develop an optimized playbook to take data and make it actionable.

Viral Testing For Colleges and Universities

We are affiliated with the University of Illinois, and we currently manage FDA EAU-approved viral diagnostic testing for over 30 colleges nationwide — so we know firsthand that individual testing can be a logistical burden. Shield T3’s operational excellence ensures fast wastewater testing and reporting that is suited to your campus’ needs.

Viral Testing For Workplaces

We customize our wastewater testing program to meet the precise needs of workplaces like factories, plants, and commercial offices. We create action plans to keep your workforce healthy and avoid downtime.

Viral Testing For States and Municipalities

With our advanced analytics, we can pinpoint the most vulnerable populations. Our wastewater testing infrastructure will ensure your community is prepared for the next outbreak, whether it’s Influenza, RSV, SARS-CoV-2 strains; viruses of concern, such as polio; or antibiotic resistance bacteria.

What we can do for you

Click on each section below to learn more about our full range of testing services

Customer Needs Assessment and Data Collection

Needs Assessment
  • Current system/program baseline
  • Existing sampling activities
  • Management & staff interviews
Infrastructure Analysis
  • System & flow mapping
  • Hydraulic modeling services

Strategy Definition and Program Management

Sampling Network Implementation
  • Sample method optimization
  • Collection equipment installation
  • Testing laboratory stand up
Program management
  • Stakeholder relationship management
  • Recruitment of participants
Vulnerability-Based Sampling Strategy
  • Data collection
  • Vulnerability index analysis
  • Geographic coverage model
  • Sample site due diligence
  • Sample site prioritization/selection

Sample Collection and Testing

Sampling Collection and Operation
  • Collection kitting and distribution
  • Collections training
  • Sample collections and logistics
Test Processing
  • Sample testing and resulting
Customer Relationship Management
  • Participant onboarding
  • Customer care/issue resolution
Other Services
  • Physical sample archiving
  • Sequencing services

Reporting and Advanced Analytics

  • Aggregate and site-by-site results reporting and trend analysis
  • Data visualization/dashboard development
  • Data feeds to public health reporting
  • Data archiving
  • Weekly participant meetings
  • Public and private dashboards
Advanced Analytics
  • Ad hoc queries and analytics
  • Tailored insights and action plans
  • Program/strategy refinement

Customer/Public Health Outreach and Execution

Insights and Awareness
  • Stakeholder/participant engagement and results interpretation
  • Public awareness and communication guidance
Public Health Guidance and Supporting Tools
  • Public health implications
  • Guided intervention plans
  • Data feeds to federal/state/local public health reporting

TESTING EQUIPMENT INSTALLATION: Shield T3 experts will determine the optimal locations and then install our sampling infrastructure.

The Future of Wastewater Testing

Watch our video and learn more about Shield T3's Wastewater Testing Program.