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“Vending Times” Features Shield T3’s Wellness Kiosks

wellness kiosk vending machine from shield t3

Vending Times: “Shield T3 Taps Vending Technology to Automate COVID Testing”

Shield T3’s CEO David Clark is quoted in a new Vending Times article, discussing the evolution of our vending machine offering for school campuses and other community settings.

Shield T3’s original vending machines were COVID-19 test-focused. Today, our new, improved wellness kiosks give people access to other essential healthcare items.

Article Excerpt

(For the complete article, visit Vending Time’s website):

Clark became part of the development team after joining Shield T3 in January of 2021, a few months after the organization was incorporated. Clark, bringing experience in the smart building industry, views Shield T3 as one of the most innovative uses to date of vending technology.

“The vending became the central point of that testing technology on college campuses,” Clark said. “It was a very creative use of vending machine technology and it worked very, very well.”

The machines communicate directly to a university’s electronic health records. University administrators can then monitor demand and positivity-rate data from the tests purchased via an online dashboard.

shield t3 wellness kiosk on location“From that student health account students could order tests directly,” Clark said. “They would have their test approved that they were eligible for a test. They could walk to any of the vending machines on campus and scan a QR code on the front of the Invenda vending machine and have a test kit drop out of that vending machine.

“You’re actually using your phone, your smart device, you’re accessing your account, you’re going into your account and you’re selecting that you’d like a COVID test, and then it’s going and checking your permissions,” Clark said. He called it “next generation e-commerce.”

“We’re converting those COVID-only-purpose machines to multiple-purpose machines that are going to vend a wide variety of health solutions,” Clark said. “We will have some ‘smart’ dialog within the electronic medical record of that student. It truly is a new and differentiated model.”

This new solution will be in place for July 2023 for the start of the next school year in August.

Request Wellness Kiosk Information

Shield T3’s wellness kiosks are a one-stop shop for essential healthcare items, providing 24/7 access to essential healthcare items.

To request more information, complete this form or email us.

California’s Pilot Program Makes Wellness Kiosk Accessibility Essential

wellness kiosk mandate for California state campuses

California’s Assembly Bill 2482, known as the Wellness Vending Machine Pilot Program, is designed to make wellness products more readily available on California college campuses.

The pilot initiative, which runs until July 1, 2029, requires California State University (CSU) and the California Community Colleges (CCCs) to establish at least one vending machine that dispenses wellness products at their five campuses. In addition, the bill requests the University of California (UC) establish at least one vending machine that dispenses wellness products at any number of its campuses.

According to the bill, AB 2482 aims to address accessibility gaps for college students who seek wellness products on campus outside of pharmacy hours and who lack personal or public transportation.

Pilot Program Highlights

AB 2482’s text states vending machines be stocked with tampons, pads, condoms, pregnancy tests, emergency contraception, sunscreen and over-the-counter painkillers.

The bill requires CSU and the CCCs to use at least one of the following communication methods to let students know about the vending machines:

  • Pamphlets
  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Social Media
  • Creating or updating websites
  • Hosting a grand opening event

On-Campus Wellness Kiosks

shield t3 wellness kiosk

Shield T3 provides wellness kiosks to colleges and universities as an extension of their Student Health Centers. These vending machine-style product dispensers are available for every state across the U.S., including California, to use.

Our wellness kiosks give students 24/7 access to wellness products, including cough/cold, allergy, and sexual health and prevention. Students can use multiple payment options to purchase products.

Shield T3 makes this health and wellness-focused, on-campus solution cost-effective by providing the products and offering restocking and kiosk maintenance services. Learn more here. (PLACEHOLDER for new web page.)

If you’d like specific information about the wellness kiosks, including pricing, email us or complete our contact form, and someone from our team will be in touch.